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We work especially hard to ensure that each of our potential clients have all of the information they need in order to confidently purchase our property management software. Every company is unique, and we would like to discuss your software needs with you prior to your actually purchasing our software.  We are committed to our clients success, so if our product doesn’t fit your business, we’ll tell you right up front, and even help you identify options that may better suit your business.

Property Genie's pricing model is based on our commitment to a long term relationship with our users. Our success is based solely on our client's long term use and satisfaction with our software. We work very hard to provide constant assistance to our existing clients on a daily basis in order to ensure that we are providing all of their needs.

We take this commitment one step further by providing the same level of service to potential clients. In order to actually purchase our software, we would like to speak with you and understand all of your needs and expectations for a property management software. During this initial discussion we will talk about specifics such as:

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