Accounting Ledgers

Property Genie was written as a property managment system that creates accurate accounting records, not an accounting system that can track property management. That is why we chose QuickBooks; the most popular accounting system in the world, for our accounting engine. We create your accounting entries for you while you do the real work of property management in Property Genie. Recieve rents, pay bills, calculate fees in Property Genie. We will turn all of those actions into detailed entries in QuickBooks, so you don’t have to do the work twice. The financial information in Property Genie is accurate real time, because it is based on what you are doing in the real world. Learn more about our ledgers HERE


ACH Direct Deposit

Property Genie makes it easy to pay owners by using ACH electronic owner payments. With the owner's basic banking information, such as account and routing number, owners never have to take a check to the bank. Instead, all allotted monies are directly deposited into each owner's bank accounts, saving property management companies time and money. For more information about ACH Direct Deposit, visit the ACH Electronic Banking Page HERE


Automated 1099's

Property Genie software automatically generates 1099 tax forms for rental owners and vendors that can be filed electronically to the IRS. For more information about 1099's visit the 1099 Tax Form Generation Page HERE


Background & Credit Checks

One required task of third party property managers is the need to run background and credit checks on all potential tenants. In keeping with our NED2 philosophy, users have the ability to run these checks directly from the software. Property Genie is integrated with Online Rental Exchange and LexisNexis.

The more recent integrations with Online Rental Exchange has been an integration that many of our users have found both useful and well as cost effective. For more information about our integrations with Online Rental Exchange visit the Online Rental Exchange Affiliates Page HERE


Business Model

Property Genie provides a business model for property management companies. The Property Genie software is uniquely designed to assist property managers with a complete model to streamline existing operations. But more importantly, it helps businesses expand future operations. The goal is to provide a business model that guides property management companies and their employees in their daily activities. How do we accomplish this? As stated before, Property Genie was created by property managers. As such, we looked at the unique world of property management and used the best practices of some of the world's largest management companies to create a streamlined work flow. The software is broken up into four unique categories or positions within the management company.

For more information about the Business Model visit the Business Model Page HERE


Calendar & Reminder System

Upon logging into Property Genie, each user is greeted with a reminder screen specific to them that pulls and lists all upcoming tasks and to-dos. Once the job is checked completed, it disappears from the reminder screen. New tasks or events can also be added from the reminder screen. With so many things to do on a daily basis, it is not uncommon for property managers to forget something on their list. This built in system allows Property Genie to be the friendly reminder that helps get the job done. For more information about the Built-In Reminder System, visit the Reminder System Page HERE


Property Genie has a built-in calendar system which allows management companies to stay on top of what needs to be accomplished in an organized and efficient manner. Each user has their own calendar with tasks and events specific to them. This built in calendar gives the option to view a particular day, week, work week, or month at a time. For more information about the Built-In Calendar System, visit the Calendar System Page HERE


Check Scanning

Property Genie Property Genie includes built in check scanning integration with many formats. If you want to speed up and simplify check processing, visit the check scanning page to see Property Genie gets it done. HERE


Document Management

Many larger property management companies have purchased expensive document management software to organize all of the various documents associated with property management. With Property Genie, document management is included within the core system. Find out more information HERE


E-Mail Correspondence

Property Genie provides the ability to easily and effectively communicate with one or all of your clients. Choose a single owner or tenant to send an individual email. Alternatively, Property Genie allows you to select all owners, tenants, or vendors at one time to send a blast email. This makes communications simple and effective. For more information about the Built-In Email System visit the Email Page HERE


Forms & Letters

Property Genie software provides all the required forms and templates necessary to run a successful property management business. Because these forms are in Word format, the templates can easily be edited, customized, and saved in Word to better suit a particular business. Property Genie software automatically populates these forms and letters with the applicable tenant, owner, or property information, including all accounting information where necessary. The Property Genie software does all of the work for you, once again ensuring we follow our NED2 (Never Enter Data Twice) policy. Additional forms and letters can also be created and saved within the software for future use. For more information about the Included Forms and Letters visit the Built-In Forms Page HERE


Lease Renewals

With so much to do on a daily basis, it can become difficult for property managers to remember every detail about their properties and tenants. Property Genie keeps track of lease expiration dates in order to make the lease renewal process simple and easy. Property Genie has a Lease Renewal Screen that lists all the leases that are approaching their assigned end date.  From this screen, property managers can either auto renew the lease, or print a lease renewal letter to be sent to the tenants in order to renew their lease. For more information about Lease Renewals, visit the Lease Renewal Page HERE


Legal Defense

Property Genie provides an automated document and communication tracking system that assists you in defending against any type of claim relative to the Fair Housing Act or any legal claim for that matter. For more information about the Legal Defense see the Legal Defense Page HERE



Property Genie provides property managers with all of the tools they need to implement a solid marketing plan. Furthermore, these tools are included within the Property Genie software. In keeping with one of the primary goals of our software, NED2 or "Never Enter Data Twice," Property Genie is designed to use a single interface that allows management companies to perform all of the primary marketing tasks in order to achieve success. Along with the included integrated website, Property Genie integrates with both Rentals.com and RentalHomesPlus. With a click of a button, available properties can be uploaded to these three websites instantaneously from the software.  For more information about Marketing Integrations visit the Rentals.com Affiliates Page HERE or the RentalHomesPlus Affiliates Page HERE


NED2 (Never Enter Data Twice) Philosophy

NED2 stands for Never Enter Data Twice. Property Genie believes that data and information should only be entered into the software ONE time. Property Genie is considered the central nervous system of all property management operations. Property Genie takes in all data ONCE, and shoots it out to other software, programs, and outlets. Similarly, any data entered into the integrated website transfers directly into Property Genie. For more information about how Property Genie uses NED2 visit the NED2 Page HERE


Online Applications

Property Genie software includes an integrated website that not only helps property management companies market their available properties, but also allows tenants and owners to apply online, access their accounts online, and make payments online.

Tenant Application The integrated website included with Property Genie lists all available properties of the management company. From there, Property Genie gives prospective tenants the opportunity to instantly apply for that property online by filling out the Tenant Application. Once the form is submitted by the prospective tenant, all the tenant’s information is seamlessly transferred into Property Genie listing them as a prospective tenant. This eliminates wasted time entering data. The tenant information can then be sent out straight through the software to perform a background check - we integrate with both Online Rental Exchange and Lexus Nexus Resident Data.

Owner Application The Property Genie powered integrated website helps to not only gain new tenants, but also aids in the acquisition of new owners. In just three steps, property owners can sign their property up with a management company. The online application includes the Owner Information Form, Property Information Form, and the Management Agreement Form. Once this online application is submitted by the property owner, all the owner’s information is seamlessly transferred into Property Genie.

For more information about Online Applications visit the Online Applications Page HERE


Online Payments Integration

Property Genie provides a wide array of online tenant payment options. The online payment gateway is part of the tenant's login section of your Property Genie powered website, WebGenie. We integrate with both Authorize.net and most recent, Revolution Payment Gateway. By enabling the Authorized.net or Revolution Payment Gateway online payment portion of Property Genie, tenants can pay rent, or any other fee, online. This simplifies the receipt of rent and provides additional revenue to management companies in the form of a user configurable convenience fee amount. Once the payment is processed, Property Genie automatically knows which payments were made and properly records the transactions. For more information about Online Payment Integrations visit the Authorize.net Affiliates Page HERE or the Revolutions Payment Gateway Affiliates Page HERE


Property Reviews (Inspections)

Property Genie makes it simple to conduct property reviews. Each property can be customized in the system to list only the items & features found in that property. This is beneficial so that a property manager doesn’t have to go through an extensive list of items and features to review that are not present within the property. A review sheet can be printed for each specific property with the items to review associated with each property. All data and notes are recorded in the system, as well as any pictures of the property that can be labeled and dated. Property Genie makes the review process easy, organized, and efficient. For more information about Property Reviews visit the Review Page HERE


QuickBooks Integration

Property Genie software integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier & QuickBooks Enterprise. With the click of a button, data is transferred automatically to QuickBooks. The goal is NED2 (Never Enter Data Twice), therefore Property Genie creates all Customers, Jobs, Vendors and relative accounting data in QuickBooks. QuickBooks is considered the banking and check-writing module. The only tasks needed to be performed in QuickBooks are check writing and bank account reconciliation. For more information about QuickBooks Integration visit the QuickBooks Accounting Page HERE

Property Genie is compatible with Quickbooks 2014 desktop versions.

Real-Time CMA

Just by entering some basic information on any given property or unit in the system such as location, size, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, Property Genie can instantaneously create a compare to market analysis report. This report shows prospective or current owners what the going rate is for a property similar to theirs. Property Genie makes it easy for property management companies and owners to work together to set a reasonable asking amount for rent. For more information about Real-Time CMA's, visit the CMA Page HERE


Property Genie generates both accounting and property management critical reports for management companies at the touch of a button. Some of Property Genie's reports include:

For more information about Reports, visit the Reports Page HERE


Short Term / Vacation Rentals

Property Genie's Short Term / Vacation Rental system integrates with the website for guests to make reservations and includes a desktop based check-in/check-out system. To find out more, visit the Short Term / Vacation Rental page. HERE


Showing Schedule

Property Genie includes a showing schedule screen that allows all users in a particular office to be aware of any upcoming property showings. In addition to a scheduling tool, this feature also helps property managers keep a good line of communication with owners. Each property showing logs information such as date of showing, persons participating in showing, and any notes or comments from showing that will help owners get a feel for what people are liking/disliking in regards to their property. The showing schedule feature is a great way for property managers to keep track of when and how often their assigned properties are being shown. For more information about the Showing Schedule, visit the Showing Schedule Page HERE


Tech Support

The Property Genie team is truly committed to the long term success of our property management and real estate clients. Our pricing is structured directly on the ability to assist and retain long term property management clients. With this goal in mind, we have structured our technical support services around our clients' success as well.  Property Genie customers receive unlimited technical support in every aspect of property management. The team at Property Genie is available at a minimum from 9 to 5 EST Monday through Friday. We also attempt to assist as many clients as possible outside of these times in order to ensure the absolute best customer service and productivity for our customers. For more information about Free Technical Support visit the Technical Support Page HERE


Tenant & Owner Portals

Property Genie software includes an integrated website that not only helps property management companies market their available properties, but also allows tenants and owners to apply online, access their accounts online, and make payments online using their secure login and password. For more information about Tenant and Owner Portals visit the Tenant & Owner Portal Page  HERE


Warranty Tracking

Property Genie records and tracks all warranties associated with properties or units. Each warranty lists the type of warranty, company, company's phone number, policy number, expiration date, and any notes on the warranty.

The best thing about Property Genie's warranty tracking is that upon creating a work order, if a property has a warranty, it will flag the user creating a work order to notify them of the warranties. By doing this, Property Genie prevents property managers from submitting work orders that can potentially be covered by an existing warranty. For more information about Warranties visit the Warranty Tracking Page HERE



One of Property Genie's most unique features is our integrated marketing and information website. As with all of the features that are included as part of the Property Genie software, the integrated website is a feature provided at no additional fee. The Property Genie Integrated Website provides Real Estate and Property Management Companies with the ability to immediately post available properties on the internet with the click of a button. Property Genie allows companies to use the integrated website as their primary marketing site or in addition to their existing site. Companies can also use their own URL to begin creating brand and name recognition. The Property Genie provided website is so much more than just a marketing tool. The site also provides companies with daily management and operations functionality such as the following:

For more information about the Integrated Website visit the Built-In Website page HERE


Work Order Tracking

Property Genie has a complete work order creation and management system. Tenants can request work orders for their individual property online. Once received, property managers can verify the work order, create the necessary documents, and email the work order directly to the vendor from the software. If a property has a warranty listed, it will flag the property manager when trying to create a work order if the warranty can be used for that problem. Managers can also print the work orders for traditional paper method tracking.  Once a work order is complete, Property Genie manages the entire accounting process for work order functionality. The software can charge the tenant or owner and credit the vendor creating the vendor check to be printed in QuickBooks. For more information about Work Order Tracking visit the Work Order Page HERE


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