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Property Genie FAQ'S

How does Property Genie compare with other property management software products?
Property Genie is unique in that it was structured and designed by actual property managers. We wanted to make sure that our software wasn't one of those great ideas that really did not function efficiently. Many of our clients chose us during their decision process due to the fact that our system makes sense and includes all of the daily operating tasks that property managers need to consider.
What is the QuickBooks integration like? Do I have to export out of Property Genie and then import into QuickBooks?
No, there are no import/export requirements with our software. We have one of the most advanced QuickBooks transfer processes available in any software. Our software creates all of the data in QuickBooks keeping our philosophy of NED2 (Never Enter Data Twice) fully functional. Everything is transferred with the click of a button.
How does QuickBooks work with Property Genie?
We like to consider QuickBooks a module or just a piece of our software. We call QuickBooks our banking and checkwriting module. The only time a customer needs QuickBooks is when they need to print a check or reconcile bank accounts. Otherwise, everything is done within the Property Genie software.
Is Property Genie a web based Property Management software?
Property Genie is a hybrid system. In the simplest terms, we install the Property Genie software on every machine (almost like a widget) which the software then reads from a database that we host, virus protect, and back-up. This allows users to have the best of both worlds. Documents are created and managed in Microsoft Word and E-Mails are sent using Microsoft Outlook. At the same time, you can connect to your database and company information anywhere in the world such as multiple offices, from the field, or from a home office.
Do I have to pay seperately for modules/features of Property Genie?
No, when a customer subscribes to the Property Genie software service they receive ALL included features. Additionally, we are continually adding functionality and updates to the software. When a new feature is added to the software, all of our clients recieve the update at no additional cost.
Does Property Genie come with form templates for Property Managers such as 3-day notices?
Yes, when you purchase our software we provide all the forms and templates you will need to run your Property Management Business. Furthermore, the forms and templates that we provide are fully customizable and are created automatically through the Property Genie Software.

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